When you travel into a location where a significant event occurred, we send you a well produced and short audio file to listen to. You can also select the type of stories you are interested in hearing.

You will Listen to terrific stories

that changed our history Stories, like:


You can now get this app at a price you can get about the same price as 2 gallons of fuel..

© $4.99 one time subscription*

Just a little bit less than this, for a short time only. We will be with you the whole time.

How can I
get it?

You can now time travel with just one click!

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Where Can I

We will also show you these things if you need them….

The nearest RV Park.

A nearby fuel station.

The nearest Truck Stop.

A nice place nearby to eat.

A nice place to park and rest.

Listen to our most recent story added to our library of over 200,000 stories...

Now it is up to you to turn your travels into a better experience....

The Road Channel Network also sends the latest news of OTR rules and regulation changes that might be coming your way
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