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  • County histories
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  • Westward Expansion stories
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    • We will even tell you about the town you are near.
    • Breaking News bulletins narrated as if they just happened. Living History
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    • Games guaranteed to entertain the entire family-ESPECIALLY THE KIDS.
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    What is the Road Channel?

    NOTICE: FOR HIGHWAY OR RAILROAD TRAVELERS….. Your road trip is no longer a journey through a moving landscape, you are listening to historical events that happened here, and here, and here,no matter where you are…… You hear how this town or county was first created, and what it is famous for. You hear about major historical events that affected the nation. You will hear about local events that are going on right now, where you are. And you will never hear an advertisement. You will hear what is written on the historical markers when you get close to them, and tons of more categories of stories – every story presented to you when you get to a place where a story is available. You are traveling through a moving landscape of history, and listening to true stories about how this country was created, the challenges that had to be overcome, and what happened here.


    First, you need to confirm you have correctly installed the app by listening to 1 story…;

    After you confirm you have it installed correctly you can then complete the purchase. For a limited time, you can use the app for 1 month for only $0.99.

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    Just set the App to tell you the types of stories you want to hear.  The app will notify you when you get to a matching location.

    Easy To Use

    The Road Channel app costs less than one-half gallon of fuel…..A small amount for so much educational and interesting knowledge. Just download it and turn it on, and it will ring a notice when a new story is available. Easy and Simple to use……


    Listen to the history stories about what happened right here, listen to the roadside markers, points of interest, places to eat, things to do, & games to play while driving. Everything family rated and no advertising…..

    Local History

    Click here for a SAMPLE of a LOCAL HISTORY story

    • When you are close to a place where some significant event occurred, The Road Channel will send you a story.  It might also be an introduction to the state you just entered and the official state song, or the place a President lived. “We call it a “moving landscape of history!” (Scroll right or Left for more samples)

    Breaking News



    Click here for a SAMPLE of a BREAKING NEWS story

    • The Road Channel may interrupt you from time to time with a special news bulletin of a huge national event that just occurred. If the radio had been invented, it would have sounded like this….. We call it “living history!” (Scroll right or left for more samples)

    Local Event Happening Now


    Click here for a SAMPLE of a CURRENT LOCAL story

    • When you are close to where something is happening right now, you will be served a story our reporters have created telling you all about this event. We call it “being informed of current events”…….(Scroll left or right for more samples)

    National History


    Click here for a SAMPLE of a NATIONAL HISTORY story

    • When you are close to where an event occurred that had a national impact, The Road Channel will send you a story describing that event that you will enjoy hearing. We like to call this “being informed of National HIstory events!”…….(Scroll right or left for more samples)

    Roadside Markers


    Click here for a SAMPLE of a ROADSIDE MARKER story

    • The Road Channel lets you listen to the roadside historical markers when you are within 2 minutes of another one. (Considering the fact that there are over 400,000 of these markers in place today, we are adding to our library starting with the more significant markers……(Scroll left or right for more samples)

    Click here for a SURPRISE HISTORY story

    • You will hear a special story created by The Road Channel that has a surprise in it that we try to hide from you until the very end.The story you listen to may or may not, have anything to do with where you are at the moment. We call this “history can be fun! in honor of Paul Harvey”………