Why do you
need us?

Why do you need history at all?

It is the foundation to our present.
Wouldn't it be interesting to relive the past?

Imagine traveling a road and knowing someone fought for their rights, started a rebellion, changed the whole dynamics of the nation as we know today?

You will unlock the multiple secrets contained here, here and here.

How can I
get it?

You can now time travel with just one click!

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How much does it
cost you?

You can now get this app at a price you can get about as much as three gallons of fuel!

$14.99 one time subscription*
So fill the tank, hit the gas and time travel the era with The Road Channel your personal infotainment app.

With The Road Channel App Every Milestone Has A Story
You’ve Never Heard Before!


Just set the App to tell you the types of stories you want to hear.

Easy To Use

The Road Channel app costs less than 4 gallons of fuel.


Listen to the stories about what happened right here and you can even listen to the roadside historical markers.

Now travel back
in time!

With The Road Channel App you can call yourself Historians.

Anyone who's driving and bored of the daily playlist can log on to this app and step into the era of golden times, struggle times, revolutionary times, pop times and times no one really remembers.

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Getting to know your journey better starts with you. Hop in your car and get the best for your trip.

    Car driving in the middle of a dusty road at dusk/dawn

    Driving through the highway with a companion is anyone’s dream ride.

    And everyone has a story to tell when it comes to people, places and locations, and that is where the Road Channel comes in.

    With its talented group of travel story writers, you can hear the trials and tribulations of the authors who traveled the same roads that you have or are about to travel.

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    Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia:

    The road to Arlington, Virginia has a lining of the largest number of graveyards. It is a great spectacle to watch. But did you know that it is also the final resting place of John. F. Kennedy and William Howard Taft.

    Apart from being the national cemetery of US Officials, it makes place for 5000 burials each y

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    Ever thought how would it feel like to be transported back into time while driving? Or that if you knew the exact story while passing through a particular landscape, fallen building or old monument?

    We too equally share this curiosity itch. And it seemed like an impossible dream until now. Post years of research and study

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