Your road trip, whether it is business or pleasure, is more than a geographical trip from here to there. It is also a journey through time. Just as your landscape is constantly changing, you are driving through a time tunnel, rich in history. Connect with these past events that happened right where you are now. Experience the successes and the tragedies of earlier families in this area. Listen to their stories and become aware of the unique challenges they faced.

Did you know that the biggest winners in the early colonization of America were the shipping companies? That industry generated over $550,000,000 dollars a year, in today’s money, just from their fees to transport immigrants. That is the reason for the creation of the indentured servant scheme. And, did you know that because of that, the first slaves in America were not native Africans, but Europeans. Coincidentally, did you know that the practice of enslaving native Africans began long before America was being colonized? It was a common trade in Europe long before America began the practice.

You will hear true facts like these, and many thousands more, as you travel throughout the United States, when you activate your membership to The Road Channel.

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