In keeping with our goal to make every road trip turn into a fun trip, we are planning to add another feature feature to our already great list of features, that will cost nothing for a limited time. We will Create a Custom audio story specifically from you, that is intended to be heard by someone in the same vehicle you are in or someone else on a road trip. Want to propose marriage? Want to make a special happy birthday? Want to play a joke on someone? Want to apologize for something? Do you just want to tell someone you miss them? The only limits will be your imagination. We’ll make it happen, and we will have fun doing it. It’s what we do…….

For a limited time this will be absolutely free for all our members who have a one-year app, until our story creators get overloaded. Send as many as you want, but please don’t abuse this offer. We are thinking this may change in May, but we’ll see how it goes. You could consider it like a surprise greeting card, and the target is someone with a one-year membership. Yeah, we know you could do this in other ways. You could make a video on your phone, and send it to them.
You could do a text message. But I’d bet it wouldn’t sound like ours. It’s what we do…….

If that special someone you are sending it to has a favorite song, we’ll incorporate it in the background. Or, if you have a favorite, tell us what it is, or send us your version of it. You will have to tell us exactly where you want your message to hit them, and we will send it to them when they arrive at that spot on their trip. If it does not cost penny to do something that brings a smile to someone else, then go for it. If you have not installed The Road Channel app yet, then shame on you. Go get it now, take it for a test drive, and then purchase it for less than $30.00 per year. It’s what you do..….

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