Did you know that in 2008 when Apple released the iPhone 3S the launch day crashed the itunes server and thousands of loyal Apple customers around the world were unable to activate their new iPhones? Many of those brand new phones got stuck in the activation loop, essentially turning them into nothing more than an expensive paperweight or brick.

In 2013, when computer giant Microsoft released their gaming console, the Xbox One, their launch day was also not without trials. Many of the new consoles were scratched or damaged, the headsets damaged, or the entire unit was DOA.

Here we are in 2016, and launch day issues still plague developers no matter how diligently they work to ensure their product release goes off without a hitch. And so we arrive to the point of the post. They say silence is golden, except when you have created an app that is programmed to tell wonderful historical stories to people traveling across the country. Our developers recently discovered a bug in the programming which caused some story locations not to get triggered; therefore the stories were not being told as you drove through that particular area. The problem as since been fixed and the app updated. Our deepest apologies for any radio silence.

Most would say it’s an honor to be included in the circle of world renowned technology as Apple and Microsoft. In this case however; TheRoadChannel.com would have rather let them have the stage to themselves. Yet there we were playing our part, or ironically not playing our part. Thank goodness for on-the-ball programmers who found and fixed the problem quickly!

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Sierra Sugar

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