Wouldn’t it be nice if we could learn the
history of areas we were driving through?
And wouldn’t it be nice to hear those stories
Read to us and not have to search around?
Wouldn’t it be nice?

Well, it just so happens The Road Channel app does just that! A member of The Road Channel Network listens to all types of historical stories about everywhere across America, and the events that helped shape and develop areas YOU are driving through every day. Do you know the history? Have you heard the stories? Do you know why the Indians valued the cactus and all it many medicinal uses they had for them?

The Road ChannelBB lets you experience what life was like way back then through expertly told audible stories delivered to you when you need them. Each story is geotagged for it’s relevant location. No more looking up road maps, area guides, or websites. Not only are these actions dangerous while you are driving, but they are distracting and take you away from the unique beauty of your surroundings. Instead, become part of the moving landscape of history by joining The Road Channel.

~Sierra Sugar

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