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Terry Stanley,

Founder of the Road Channel Network.

We are doing something unique and it involves you as well.

Let’s start the journey.

40 years ago, I was on a trip just like you go on to, across the Southern US. Suddenly, an idea struck me as if it was waiting for me.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if I could tune into a radio station and hear stories
about the place I am driving through”,
I questioned myself.

The longer I thought about it, the longer the list grew about the things I wanted to know about.

Anecdotes of History, unique flora and fauna, geological specifics, early pioneers, or even the Indian warfare of those places, which remain silent and unheard.

I did extensive research but was disappointed because it didn’t turn out to be feasible at that time. The more I thought on how to accomplish it made me passionate but I had to wait.

So, the idea moved to the back burner. But it wasn’t forgotten. It was just premature and I started to wait for the right time.

Gradually, we all witnessed the rise and boom of the internet. And along with it, cell phones entered our lives. Devices kept getting smarter until technology finally caught up with my idea.

Thus my unfeasible idea shaped its wings for the first time and the Road Channel Network became ready to fly.

My idea evolved into a concept of creating all types of stories that were custom developed for a road trip. It would be about anywhere you are driving to and historical chapters of the events that happened at your precise location. After all, the landscape you are driving through is constantly changing, as is the history, wildlife, geology, and agriculture.

So we went forward with the idea and the concept, and developed our own technique of creating historical stories which anyone could simply listen to while driving on the highways.

The stories had to be truthful, accurate, and entertaining but they also had to be unique. I wanted to tell why certain things happened, and not just what happened.

Thus we designed it to be user friendly. Also, it is the first of its kind to ever be created. Now you can very well guess the amount of hard work that went behind the complexities enabling The Road Channel to track over a hundred thousand members anywhere in the world, all at the same time. And simultaneously identify stories from our library that match a specific moving location. All of this makes the Road Channel the way it is today. So hop on and become a part of The Road Channel Network. Drive carefully, listen to exciting stories, enjoy your road trip, and keep in touch. Give us occasional thumbs up vote, if you like our work.

We will be waiting for your next trip with us!

Our Team

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Admin Coordinator

Ruby Renteria

Chief Editor/Legal

Linda Johnson


John Flagan

Solution Architect

Mehak Sharma

Digital Strategist

Ankita Bhardwaj

Marketing Manager

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