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YES! You have free access to 200,000 audio stories on our App. Happy Traveling!
No. Our content is location-based. You will receive a notification every time you enter a location that matches a “trigger point”.
It is not. The Road Channel is an App designed to provide location based content utilizing GPS-based location-services information that updates as you travel. (We believe you already know where you want to go).
Si, nuestras cuentos se pueden escuchar en Espanol.
The App will send you an alert just like your text messages alert, notifying you have reached a location where a story is available. You can listen immediately or save for later.
Yes, once you’ve received App notification of content available, you may listen immediately or save for later.
Yes, all content is location-based and utilizes your smart phone’s Location Services (GPS) functions to determine which content to offer. This feature is activated during the install process.
Yes, you will be using your mobile device to download stories. However, our current library of all of our stories for the entire United States is only a little over 1.6 GB, therefore, unless you are a true road warrior, driving 24 X 7 throughout the U.S., you should not exceed your device plan because of your usage for The Road Channel. Check with your cellular provider for your plan’s data usage limits for details.
Yes, it will. Our system uses GPS location technology because we know you want your stories to be accurately fitted to your precise location. Your device talks to our system intermittently, not constantly, telling us where you are now, but that does use a small amount of power. We suggest you plug your device into your charger and forget this issue. AND, WE SUGGEST YOU CLOSE THE APP WHEN NOT USING IT BY GOING TO “PREFERENCES” AND CLOSING THE APP.
Yes, we would be glad to hear from you! Click here to contact us and send your story.
Most definitely! We are constantly adding new stories, and will do so until there is nothing left uncovered. And, we send e-mail notices to every member, every time we add stories to our library.

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