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Overview This application provides audio files on demand, based upon your location. Therefore, when you install the app, we will verify that your device is set correctly, and if not, we will change it to allow your device and our Administration System (AS) system to communicate with each other.

As such, it is necessary to adjust your device settings to properly link to the (AS). These settings are established during the installation process provided you give approval to do so. A brief description of these critical settings are as follows:

  • We set your device to allow the AS to follow your location.
  • We set your device to utilize the Global Positioning System. (Because we both want high accuracy of where you are).
  • We set your device to check in at certain time intervals. (Approximately every 10 miles of your travel).

Our system is designed to be completely user friendly and as automatic as possible. Turn it on, and go, is our goal.

Downloading and Installation

Installation is very simple, Install application from Google or Apple store. Register providing your Email address, and you will get an email in your inbox to activate your account. Activate your account and enjoy your travel story.


Open “My Stories” and see our current categories of stories are NATIONAL HISTORICAL, LOCAL HISTORICAL, LOCAL EVENTS, BREAKING HISTORICAL NEWS, SURPRISE, and ROADSIDE MARKERS, with an “on or off” switch for each. The default setting is all categories are set to “on”. You may change these settings anytime you desire. You are all set to enjoy your road trip. (It will continue to work when left running in the background).

When you reach a location that matches one of our stories, you will receive an audible notification and a text message asking you if you want to listen now or save for later use. If you choose to listen to it later, it will be saved in your device memory for as long as you wish.


Because you are a member of The Road Channel Network, your advice and input will help everyone. Please use the comments feature as frequently as you wish.


Like all apps that depend on your location, your GPS setting uses a little bit more of your battery power than normal. Therefore, we suggest you leave your device plugged into a charger when using. Also, please remember to Log out (shut down the app) when you are not traveling, since you will not be entering any locations where a story is located.


If our staff is occupied helping other users, we will return your call promptly

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